How Protected is Your Equipment Room from Downtime?

SAN/NAS/Object/Tape/Hyperconverged/Converged/On Premise/Hybrid/Cloud/Edge What do all of these technologies have in common? They all run on hardware that draws power and generates heat. The newest, fastest versions draw more power and generate more heat. So, why not place them in an environment that will keep them running efficiently? Why not be alerted when a problem arises? […]

Seven Steps to Selecting a Rack PDU for Your Data Center

As you can imagine, a wide variety of rack power distribution unit (PDU) configurations are available based on parameters such as: number of phases, voltage, total amps, branch circuits, number of outlets, socket type, plug type, rack units consumed, and physical dimensions. Beyond the functions of the basic rack PDU, additional capabilities are available in rack PDU categories we call metered, […]