At DCIMPro360 we like to say that, “DCIM is an endeavor not a product…”. We are committed to helping you summit your initiative one peak at a time…
With 15 plus years of know-how in the industry and a consultative approach to problem solving, DCIMPro360 has the expertise to help you through any DCIM project.
We have experience working with the Fortune 100’s all the way down to 10 racks. No mission it to big or small for us, we are passionate about what we do regardless of the size or complexity of the job.

DCIM (Data Center Infrastructure Management) provides administrators and facility mangers with a holistic view of a data center’s performance.

DCIM tools allow administrators to monitor, collate, store and analyze data in order to make more intelligent decisions concerning Power, Environmental, Capacity and Planning management.


Capacity Planning

As the need to balance current and future IT requirements against resource consumption becomes more urgent, the data center industry increasingly views capacity planning as a way of achieving a critical component to planning a new build or retrofit.

Change Management

In order to accurately manage assets and their detailed configurations, we must also manage change. It is estimated that change is often the cause of as much as 80% of system downtime and that 80% of mean time to repair is used trying to determine what changed.
DCIM software change management security features allow for fast detection, logging, and near real-time e-mail notification of unauthorized network devices, and inadvertent or intentional disconnections.

Asset Management

Asset management is a key component of DCIM. A data center can contain thousands of assets, from servers, storage and network devices to power and cooling infrastructure equipment. Tracking these assets is an ongoing and often monumental task.

Environmental Management

The modern data center is a lot more complex than it used to be. Because of that – data centers are taking the heat – literally and figuratively. With equipment generating enormous amounts of thermal energy, data centers continue to spend more operational funds into cooling as energy costs steadily climb.

Power Management

Administrators are being tasked with running a leaner and more efficient data center all while keeping costs down. DCIM Power Management provides a complete visualization of the power system, including utilization, dependencies and real time monitoring.

Access and Control

State-of-the-art infrastructure management solutions for servers, switches and PDUs are key to any good DCIM solution set. Infrastructure management appliances include IP KVM and Serial switches plus centralized data center management software to tie all your devices together under one GUI.


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