“Seventy three percent (73%) of Data Center Managers cannot tell you for sure what or how many servers/devices they have in their Data Center…”
So don’t feel bad you’re not alone.

You can’t manage what you don’t know about…mapping_planning

Data Center Mapping is just as important as ever. The need to know what you have and be able to track it for management, expense, planning, lifecycle and capacity planning are a crucial building block of any  DCIM initiative and usually the first step to take.

What are the benefits of implementing a DCIM Mapping solution?

  • On average 10% of data center servers are de-commissioned and gain of 10% real estate is recaptured
  • Energy and rack space analysis takes the guessing game out of any expansion or load balancing project.
  • Get rid of spreadsheets and Visio’s that were never designed to do this work.
  • Revenue is recaptured by eliminating the over paying license and maintenance fees.
  • Increase trouble shooting capacity and uptime with visualization.
  • Accuracy in contingency planning and forecasting.

dcTrack DCIM Software

dcTrack® DCIM software that lets you maintain an accurate inventory of data center assets and real-time views across your entire data center, including equipment in racks like servers, storage, networking equipment, rack PDUs, patch panels and even applications

Trellis Inventory Manager

The Trellis Inventory Manager allows data center stakeholders to know exactly what assets, connections and capacity exist in their facility and easily make changes for optimal performance. It provides a set of graphical visualization tools to allow the infrastructure team to map out its floor space and understand where assets are, who they belong to and how they are connected.