Out of Band Matrices are designed for modern data centers that require reliable, high security access and control of multiple servers and network devices. With non-blocked access and flexible expansion support, KVM matrix switches offer high quality video sessions for secure, real-time control of your entire data center devices.

KVM over IP Switches

ooa1The Emerson Universal Management Gateway appliance is the first converged management appliance that enables customers to remotely manage any device, in any location, from any vendor, at any time in a secure, centralized manner.

The appliance uses proven technology to deliver a single, unified approach for data center infrastructure management (DCIM). The appliance integrates Digital KVM, Serial Console, Service Processor and Environmental Management in a single U platform, enabling customers to experience complete data center access and monitoring on a 40 x 40 scale.

ooa2The Emerson MPU MergePoint Unit switch is the fourth-generation KVM over IP switch from Avocent solutions. This switch provides IT administrators a complete remote management solution to access and control servers, networking equipment and other devices found in data centers and branch offices.

The Emerson MergePoint Unity switch enhances the in-band management typically done through the NIC of IT equipment by providing secure and remote out-of-band connections directly to the physical KVM, USB and serial ports. This unified approach enables IT administrators a faster method to diagnose, reconfigure or restore equipment to meet SLAs and minimize downtime.

ooa3The Dominion KX III is Raritan’s flagship enterprise-class KVM-over IP switch that provides 1, 2, 4 or 8 users with BIOS-level remote management of 8, 16, 32 or 64 servers in a single switch.  With industry leading video performance, security, and enhanced reliability, the Dominion KX III outperforms the competition. With standard features such as DVI/HDMI/DisplayPort digital video, VGA analog video, audio, virtual media, smart card/CAC, and mobile access, the Dominion KX III is suitable for both general computer and dynamic broadcast applications.

Serial Console Switches

ooa4The Emerson Avocent® ACS 6000 advanced console server series integrates cutting edge technologies, adaptive services and secure enterprise communications in order to offer IT professionals and network operations center (NOC) personnel the ability to perform secure, remote data center management and out-of-band management of IT assets from anywhere in the world. Using a hardened Linux® operating system and DSView™ management software, the Avocent® ACS 6000 provides optimal performance, security, reliability, and a complete out-of-band management solution.
ooa5The Dominion SX II is Raritan’s next-generation serial console server / terminal server. It provides serial-over-IP access and control of devices — anytime, anywhere. The SX II supports the widest variety of serial-over-IP connections via SSH/Telnet Client, web-browser, CommandCenter, telephony modem, cellular modem, and at-the-rack access.  Raritan offers thirteen different 1U appliances to connect to 4, 8, 16, 32 or 48 serial devices.  All models have dual power supplies (AC or DC) and dual Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports.

IPMI (Service Processer) Switches

The Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) is a set of computer interface specifications for an autonomous computer subsystem that provides management and monitoring capabilities independently of the host system’s CPU, firmware (BIOS or UEFI) and operating system. IPMI defines a set of interfaces used by system administrators for out-of-band management of computer systems and monitoring of their operation. For example, IPMI provides a way to manage a computer that may be powered off or otherwise unresponsive by using a network connection to the hardware rather than to an operating system or login shell.

ooa6The  Universal Management Gateway can manage up to 1024 service processors through IP or in a tiered switch configuration, one Universal Management Gateway can replace multiple legacy management consoles – resulting in a streamlined administrator experience
ooa7Raritan’s CommandCenter® Secure Gateway (CC-SG) is an easy to deploy, plug-and-play appliance that provides IT administrators and lab managers with a secure, single point of remote access and control.  Raritan’s CC-SG consolidates multiple access technologies, including Dominion® KVM-over-IP switches and serial console servers, IPMI service processors, and in-band methods such as RDP and VNC.