One the main tenants of any DCIM initiative is Centralized Management sometimes known as Out of Band Access of your DCIM components.  Both IT Infrastructure and Facilities centralized management come in various forms of integration, components and choices.

Access and Control can be either hardware or software solutions or both.  The best solutions consist of a combination of both.  When we refer to Access and Control here we are speaking primarily of Servers, Switches, Environmental Monitoring, and Intelligent Power as opposed to physical access to the Data Center.



Access and Control Solutions

management_testCentralized Server Management Software

Centralized Management allows you to tie all of your KVM target devices, Virtual Servers, IPMI (DRAC, iLO, RiLO), Serial devices and Intelligent PDUs together under one GUI.

kvmKVM Switches

KVM Switches are an fundamental piece of any complete DCIM solution. They provide out of band access and management of all network devices in your Data Center.

Serial Console Switch

Serial Console Switches are designed to help you get control of all your command line devices from network switched to firewalls serial switches help consolidate and centralize access and control over these devices.

IPMI Process Manager Switch

Most IPMI (Intelligent Platform Management Interface) consist of a (BMC) baseboard management controller i.e iLO, RiLO, DRAC and are accessed via an IP address. Centralized Management of these devices is key to any DCIM solution set.


Intelligent PDUs help meet the demands around increased computing capacity, improve the overall safeguarding of your infrastructure, and make it much easier to manage your critical data center assets.