Master the ability to manage your infrastructure systems, assets and workflows holistically as an interconnected ecosystem across both IT and facilities and you begin to unlock the potential that lies within. The right DCIM solution makes it possible.

Your data center is one of your organization’s most valuable assets!

Managing this complex and hard-to-decipher environment might be one of the toughest jobs in business. Yet within the chaos lie hidden opportunities to optimize capacity, availability and efficiency. Data Center Mapping & Planning Software will help you take it the next level of DCIM.

Trellis Inventory Manager

trellis_inventory_manager Trellis™ Inventory Manager allows users to collect a detailed catalog of all the inventory items that are placed in the data center. They can see where all devices are located and understand how much capacity (power, cooling, weight and space) is available and consumed at any point in the data center based on faceplate or de-rated values.

With Trellis™ Inventory Manager:

An operator can find equipment quicker

Data center engineers can make quicker decisions on placement of new equipment

Data center managers get an overview of the inventory deployed, the capacity available and the capacity remaining, based on faceplate or de-rated consumption data

Manage Assets and Connections Visually

• Search and locate the full data center inventory without leaving your desk; use of symbolic library representation, view all its properties, capacities, contained devices and connections to other devices 

• Create realistic floor plan models by importing AutoCAD plans and plotting the racks on the blueprint 

• View spaces and zones in an XY-tiled format to get a higher level of precision in pinpointing devices; rack elevation view shows the exact placement of all devices in your racks 

• Visualize the total capacity consumption via top-down view to show where you have capacity remaining and where you are nearing the limit 

• Show the power connections between any device port and its upstream or downstream devices; verify the status of all assets in the same power chain 

• Ensure a server’s power redundancy through power dependency monitoring — you’ll see if two different rack PDUs are connected to the selected device

Implement Data Center Changes with Confidence

Build confidence among decision makers that planned changes are well-designed, well-documented, easy-to-follow and executed in a controlled manner.

• Conduct detailed impact analysis to determine effect of planned change, lessen risks associated with it and avoid time-consuming rework 

• Plan out a complex set of steps involved in a project (such as server and rack moves, data connection changes, etc.) and then implement the change against a record of progress 

• Manage resource asset reservation(s) including rack space, power capacity and outlets 

• See the state of the same rack in different periods of time through the rack timeline view 

• Fully comply with auditing requirements using a detailed record of changes made and the personnel accountable for specific tasks 

• Run customizable reports and export via CSV file

Sunbird dcTracks


Sunbird Software provides easy access to real-time information about critical facilities, networks and IT assets by removing the complexity and dependency on emails and spreadsheet. Featuring detailed information and visual mappings, dcTrack’s solution helps data center operators manage tasks and processes faster and more efficiently than ever before, while saving costs and improving availability.

Detailed information about your infrastructure and visual mappings help you manage placement of your IT equipment, make informed capacity management decisions, and keep track of your data center assets.

When integrated with a CMDB or change management system for workflow functionality, dcTrack provides a fast ROI especially during any data center relocation, consolidation, or new build project. dcTrack can be easily deployed as a standalone DCIM operations solution or with Sunbird’s DCIM Monitoring Software — Power IQ for power and environment monitoring.

Optimal Planning with Intelligent Capacity Management

 Easily search for and reserve space, power and network connectivity for all IT assets.

 Rich filtering allows quick search by several asset parameters.

 Time-based reservations to support what-if capacity analysis.

 Replace several inaccurate Excel® and Visio® files and trips to the data center

Manage Accurately with Comprehensive Asset Management

 Quickly locate servers, network and storage equipment.

 Track detailed information on data center IT equipment.

 Trace physical and logical relationships between equipment.

 Integrates with Sunbird’s intelligent Asset Management Tags (AMT) for real-time asset location in racks to the 1U level.

Quickly Move, Add and Delete IT Equipment with Change Management

Create work orders, approvals and verification to ensure work is done accurately and on time.

 Enforce best practices workflow and meet ITIL framework guidelines.

 Improve productivity and efficiency of data center operations staff.

Sophisticated Visualization, Analysis and Reporting

Visualize AutoCAD® and Visio floor plan drawings in real time.

 Create and customize reports to simplify moves, adds, and changes (MACs) and to easily perform audit validation.

Visualize complete power chain and network connectivity chain