Massive power distribution in today’s data center is a given; nonetheless, more power seems to be required almost every month. New, constantly changing IT gear, each with different power, voltage and receptacle requirements, seem to be the norm and has become a significant challenge to the electrical infrastructure.

Bus track and busway power distribution in the data center allows for greater flexibility and accommodation of rising power densities.

buswaysLiebert MB Busway provides high density power distribution to the rack while eliminating cable clutter that can reduce airflow. This modular system is easy to install, and is easily expanded with a variety components in configurations to meet unique site needs. Available in high density and standard configurations.

Liebert MB comprises three main components: the Tap Box provides the input connection from the UPS/PDU to the busway; the Busway extends 3-phase power distribution over or under rows of racks; and the Bus Plugs enable plug-n-play distribution to individual racks or rack PDUs. Available in 100, 225 & 400A ratings.