Maleato de dexclorfeniramina betametasona bula anvisa " ("The new world belongs to the poor"), and a new system of economic management "with the aim of a good distribution for all. In addition, the CNT was engaged in construction and maintenance of housing. The housing system in Barcelona was based on communal ownership, with common apartments, shops and warehouses. As many of the workers who built houses in Barcelona took on collective ownership of some them (they were called "sardinero"), CNT officials decided to keep the ownership of these units a closely guarded secret. It did not, and probably never would, mean that the new housing projects would necessarily have been built with communal facilities in mind because the CNT was only involved in a project of this scale in Spain for only three months. But the CNT was already organizing "sardinero" projects in its various regions, especially Catalonia. The CNT leadership did, however, give the project of a housing in Barcelona the highest priority: it did not make the decision to initiate a housing project for the city itself — at least that's what some CNT officials claimed was their responsibility. This is what appears to have happened. A number of articles have appeared recently in the Spanish press claiming that CNT's role was limited to organizing a housing project for the workers in Barcelona, while leaving the city's housing problems to hands of other, less militant organizations like the POUM. This seems not to be entirely true. After the May Days of 1937 and the massacre POUM in Valencia July, General García Bordaberry, head of the CNT's military committee in Catalonia, had to take decisive political and military measures: he took over the control of military and police forces in Catalonia, began to move the militias around country. He had to do this so that the POUM could not gain control of them or the cities. CNT was given nothing in return for this. In the summer and fall of 1937, when there were still around 2,500 workers in Barcelona and only one or two thousand in Madrid, García Bordoberry had to make a choice — which could be seen as a very conscious act buy reductil meridia online to create a strong CNT presence, base in Barcelona that was free from direct control and to take whatever measures it liked and pursue its own political agenda. At the end of November, 1937, he sent members of his militia force to the city of Valencia, which at the time was still part of the state siege (i.e. not under his control). And at the beginning of December that year, it took him over from the POUM to take control of Barcelona. García Bordaberry was the man who made his "political choice" in Spain — and the decision he made on December 10, 1937, online pharmacy uk modalert is one which would determine, from that moment on, the fate and destiny of Spain. García Bordaberry ordered the dismantling POUM in Catalonia, destruction of their organizations and libraries — to the fury of all those who opposed these moves. They, the workers, had to be punished and expelled from Catalonia, while the anarchist movement was encouraged to keep going. What did the CNT do about demolition of the POUM in Barcelona? It did not support it. remained loyal to the interests and demands of its members in Barcelona. In the following years (after Bordaberry's appointment as an assistant secretary general of the CNT in November, 1936, "military government Catalonia" was made by the CNT; General Francisco Franco took power) the CNT became, as a result, the most dominant political force among the workers. This was in large part because the anarchist movement continued to play the role of leader many militant workers who joined the struggle. In this sense, it was not a mistake. There were, after all, some in the "new world", as it was called, who looked for a political project capable of leading them out the terrible and repressive conditions that were forcing them to abandon their ideal world of anarchism. For them, the CNT, with its military apparatus, seemed the only place that could take them in Spain and lead on towards a better future. But the real meaning of CNT's "new world" was more than political: it also religious: was a place where the Christian and Muslim faith was respected, where the workers' faith was not suppressed and where they had a place in which to raise up and celebrate their hopes (not just those of the proletariat, but all workers, regardless of ethnicity). Thus, during the civil war, when there were still two million workers out of the total population Spain, CNT had around 2,000,000 members. By the time conflict had ended, in 1947.

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