Given the amount of virtual it assets, servers, switches and other network devices that populate the typical data center/lab it is essential to the sanity of any admin to get them under control.

Centralized management can be described as any device or software suite that puts all these devices under one GUI for access and control of those devices. The following DCIMPro solutions sets are designed to give you this ease of centralized use.


Emerson DSView Management Software

Emerson DSView management software provides data centers with secure, centralized management for physical and virtual IT assets. By allowing administrators to remotely diagnose and modify any managed device, regardless of the health or status of the OS or network connection, Emerson DSView management software makes data center management and remote offices more accessible, extensible and secure.

The Emerson DSView management software enables secure, out-of-band, centralized management of all connected IT and network devices in today’s often complex and geographically dispersed data centers.

When used in conjunction with KVM appliances, serial console appliances, service processor gateways and PDUs, the hardware and software combine to allow IT administrators to remotely access, monitor and control target devices on multiple platforms at numerous locations–anywhere, anytime.


Raritan CommandCenter Secure Gateway

Raritan’s CommandCenter® Secure Gateway (CC-SG) is an easy to deploy, plug-and-play appliance that provides IT administrators and lab managers with a secure, single point of remote access and control.  Raritan’s CC-SG consolidates multiple access technologies, including Dominion® KVM-over-IP switches, service processors, and in-band methods such as RDP and VNC.

Support for LDAP, AD®, RADIUS and TACACS+ in addition to local authentication and authorization capabilities. Access and control based on user-customizable criteria like time of day, location, application, operating system, department and function. Consolidated logging and audit trail.

Secure, single sign-on to a single IP address for managing all of Raritan’s Dominion® KVM-over-IP switches, SX Console servers, PX Intelligent PDUs, and physical and virtual servers. In addition, third party devices such as embedded service processors and remote access software are supported