Deploying a new data center is a challenge, requiring tremendous drain on resources. Building one in a short timeframe is nearly impossible.

Modular data centers are designed for rapid deployment, energy efficiency and high-density computing to at a lower cost than traditional construction methods, and significantly reduce the construction time from years to a matter of months.

Modular Data Centers come in two types of form factors

The more common type, referred to as Containerized Data Centers or Portable Modular Data Centers, fits data center equipment (servers, storage and networking equipment) into a standard shipping container, which is then transported to a desired location.
Another form of modular data center fits data center equipment into a facility composed of Prefabricated Components that can be quickly built on a site and added to capacity as needed.

*Number of Racks – 13

*Density – 5.77  kW per rack

*Total IT Load – 75 kW

*Cooling units – 3 x 20 ton Precision Cooling systems units

*Power – 2 x 100kVA UPS systems with Battery Modules Distribution panel

*Heat Rejection – Equipment External Condensers


The SmartMod infrastructure is ideally suited for:

Supplemental data center capacity

Disaster recovery

Remote data centers


The Emerson SmartMod infrastructure solution is pre-engineered from the ground up to provide a complete power and cooling infrastructure and configuration flexibility that typical data center containers cannot. This means once you’ve configured your SmartMod enclosure, it becomes a data center manager’s dream with remote management, intelligent controls, and unmatched engineering to accommodate your needs for economy and efficiency.

*Racks – 27

*Density  -5.9 kW per rack

*Total IT Load – 160 kW

*Cooling Units – 4 x 20 ton  Precision Cooling systems Units

*Power –2 x 100 kVA room-level UPS systems and power distribution

The Emerson SmartAisle™ infrastructure solution optimizes infrastructure deployment and management with an intelligent row-based system that integrates data center racks, power, row cooling, aisle containment, monitoring and control technologies for spaces with up to 40 racks.

SmartAisle technologies, including Liebert CRV™ Row-Based Precision Cooling Solution with Liebert iCOM® Controls and remote monitoring facilitated by Liebert’s Virtual Ntegrity Gateway (VNG)

smartrowEmerson Smart Row

Significantly reduces the cost of room upgrades or modifications.

Optimizes use of space.

Reduces cooling power usage through contained airflow, and high efficiency technologies.

Increases IT control and productivity.

Deploys in weeks, not months.


The Emerson SmartRow infrastructure solution solves a problem all too common to IT management: addressing IT needs without building new data center space. Think of the SmartRow approach as a data center in a row–a simple, fully integrated row-based infrastructure. The SmartRow offering combines up to six data center racks–with precision cooling, UPSs, power management, monitoring and control technologies, and fire suppression–all in an enclosed system.

41M28iyNb+LLiebert Foundation MCR Integrated Cooling Enclosure, 1.6kW and 3.2kWis an integrated modular data center infrastructure solution that ensures protection for servers, network components and other critical electronics.

The Liebert Foundation MCR is a data center rack system that features a load-sized, computer-grade air conditioner located at the bottom of the enclosure, offering top-mount design, supplying cool air to sensitive equipment on all levels. A back-up cooling system ensures environmental security. Data center power is supplied and protected through a Liebert GXT on-line UPS, or Liebert PSI line-interactive UPS.

Sealed, NEMA Type 12 enclosure

Provides integrated cooling

Protects rack equipment with Liebert UPS and power protection equipment