HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. In computing and especially in enterprise data centers, HVAC systems control the ambient environment (temperature, humidity, air flow, and air filtering) and must be planned for and operated along with other data center components such as computing hardware, cabling, data storage, fire protection, physical security systems and power.

CRAC Units

Liebert DSE

The Liebert DSE high efficiency DX precision cooling system from Emerson Network Power combines the industry’s highest efficiency operation – up to 70% more efficient than alternative technologies – with the reliability and local expertise associated with Liebert products.

Hassle-Free Economization eliminates the use of water – and the costs of water treatment – protects against outside air contamination and reduces services by eliminating air dampers and louvers.

Advanced Liebert iCOM thermal system controls optimize the operation of each component to maximize free-cooling hours, minimize energy consumption, provide diagnostics and integrate to data center management systems.

Liebert DS

Liebert DS data center cooling system provides efficient, precise, reliable control of room temperature, humidity and airflow for proper operation of critical electronic equipment. The flexible Liebert DS offers high energy efficiency, user-friendly Liebert iCOM controls, modular frame, front service access, and compressor and fan options.

Liebert DS is offered in downflow models from 28-105kW (8-30 tons) capacities and upflow models in 28-105kW (8-30 tons) sizes. The system is available in 60Hz and 50Hz.

Liebert CW

The Liebert CW data center cooling system is specifically designed to handle the high heat loads generated by computers and other electronic equipment, using an existing building chiller as a source of chilled water cooling. Liebert iCOM controls and a variety of energy efficient features combine to ensure reliable, economic data center management.

Liebert CW is available in downflow and upflow models, in 26-181kW capacities. Options include Variable Speed Drive fan motors for all models; and EC Plug Fans for all downflow models. The system is available in 60Hz and 50Hz.

Liebert PDX and Liebert PCW

hvac4Liebert PDX and Liebert PCW compact, perimeter cooling solutions offer the highest efficiency, protection and capacity per footprint for small and medium IT spaces. Designed with unparalleled expertise, these products are part of our Thermal Management solutions that are intelligent, self-optimizing and rapidly deployable to make your data center as dynamic as your business.

In-Row Cooling

Liebert Trinergy™ Cube

hvac5Liebert Trinergy™ Cube is the new generation of Trinergy UPS delivering unsurpassed performance to enterprise data centers. Ready to evolve with growing business demands, it offers the highest level of power availability as well as reduced TCO, minimum energy consumption and CO2emissions. Trinergy Cube boasts unparalleled features including an average operational efficiency of 98.5%, maximum efficiency up to 99.5% and power density per core running up to 400 kW. Trinergy Cube is the only unit in the market which allows for hot scalability up to 3,4 MW in a single UPS and up to 27 MW in parallel.

Trinergy Cube makes your mission critical space a peaceful place through its advanced diagnostic capability, data tracking, measuring and logging, as well as predictive maintenance and event analysis features. Combined with a fault tolerant architecture, concurrent maintainability and hot scalability, it guarantees continuous operation and premium protection for your business. Furthermore, the system can be configured in a vast range of layouts, whether it be a straight row, L-shape or back-to-back, thus delivering unprecedented levels of installation flexibility.

Thermal Mapping & Monitoring

Trellis™ Thermal System Manager

hvac6The TrellisThermal System Manager module provides thermal management for the dynamic and often complex data center environment. As part of the Trellis Enterprise Solution, this module provides monitoring, reporting and alarm management for the entire mechanical chain from chillers and cooling towers to CRAC and CRAH cooling units. Ever changing thermal patterns can now be managed to optimize efficiency without sacrificing reliability. Use of this module helps prevent wasteful over cooling of the data center, and eliminate troublesome hot spots that consume support resources and increase the risk of downtime.

With the Trellis™ Thermal System Manager, you can safely adjust temperatures and fan speeds directly from the Trellis platform and monitor the effect in real-time. You can also decide, with assurance, which cooling units are inefficient and which are safe to eliminate or turn-off. By having this information, you can drive down the energy usage, improve sustainability and lower your carbon footprint.

Trellis™ Site Manager


Trellis™ Site Manager tracks and reports on the health of facility-critical devices and provides information on power, cooling and environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, air flow and leak detection. Its customizable notification and threshold validation functions allow users to focus on active alarms that need to be attended to immediately, thus enabling the effective and efficient use of support personnel.

With Trellis Site Manager:

Data center engineers and technicians can focus on issues which may need attention, thus allowing effective and efficient use of support personnel

The time required to identify and resolve issues with critical infrastructure devices is reduced, thus increasing availability of the data center


Environet DCIM

Environet DCIM makes data center management simple by providing an easy-to-use, holistic view of the data center. Geist’s Environet Facility provides the solution you need to make informed decisions regarding key data center infrastructure.

Environet Facility’s graphically rich interface and intuitive design make monitoring the data center easier than ever before. With SNMP, Modbus, BACnet and LONworks capability, Environet Facility communicates in real-time with a variety of equipment from many manufacturers. Users can access Environet Facility remotely through a Web-based user interface and Environet sends immediate notifications when an alarm condition is triggered.

hvac9Liebert® iCOM™ Unit Controls and Liebert iCOM-S™ System Controls. These intelligent controls work with variable speed technologies to increase cooling efficiency by up to 50% and provide greater protection through automated self-healing routines, reduced compressor cycling, optimized airflow and air temperature and greater visibility into thermal system operations.